White Cube / Kressenstrasse 11
Pool of contemporary art / Bucher Strasse 83

Discovering great talents when their works are still being seen as inside tips. Turning newcomers into internationally celebrated names. Accompanying established artists to museums and great collections over many years. That is Bunsen Goetz. A gallery of unique pieces of art.


"Art fulfills our deepest wish to be unique. We decorate the walls of our houses and apartments with paintings to show something about ourselves. The works with which we surround us distinguish us as individuals."

Ulrike Götz M.A.

"An artist's oeuvre is fascinating because it mirrors his or her personality in countless facets. Each piece of art is a unique snapshot. Therfore, we focus entirely on paintings, sculptures and objects that can only be owned by one single expert. For only a unique piece of art can live up to the artist's potential."

Jan Thorleiv Bunsen M.A.