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11/01/2018 to 08/02/2018 / Other
11/01/2018 - 19:00

Oleksiy Say (Kiev) / lost or found

Oleksiy Say, born in Kiev in 1975, studied graphic design and fine arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kiev (Ukraine), where he still lives and works today.
In his art work, he uses Microsoft Excel, the well-known spreadsheet program - a symbol of the modern working world - to make a real difference
to create a unique visual language. It is about a critical examination of our modern world.

Introduction: Bunsen Goetz Gallery, Nuremberg

Venue: Kunsthaus Reitbahn 3, Ansbach

02/02/2018 to 28/04/2018 / White Cube
02/02/2018 - 19:00

Fredrik Lindqvist (Ingolstadt) / THE CUT

The Swedish artist Fredrik Lindqvist, in his woodcuts printed on fabric, calls associations there exactly where they are not expected. He lays the wrong track, creates open riddles.