Artwork of the month

Artwork of the month:

At this point we present to you in the monthly change a special artwork of one of our artist. You can see this artwork in the original in the shop window of our pool of the contemporary art in Bucher street No. 83.


Artwork of the month / May

Elke Zauner (Munich) / Fadeless #1 / 2017 / oil on canvass / 100 x 100 cm / 3.600,- €

In her painting Elke Zauner deals with architectural and vegetable worlds, with light, the transitions between light and space and the transparency of materiality.
The Bunsen Goetz Gallery, which has been working together with Elke Zauner for more than 10 years, presents the latest paintings and murals from her until the end of July in the exhibition "Springfever" in the White Cube.