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20/04/2018 to 14/07/2018/ White Cube
Friday, 20.04.2018
07:00 pm
Elke Zauner (Munich) / Springfever

The Munich artist, Elke Zauner, with whom the Bunsen Goetz Gallery has been working successfully for 10 years, presents the latest works in the gallery's White Cube. In addition to oil works, it will again be a wall work made specially for the 10th anniversary of the collaboration of Elke Zauner.


Greetings: Hans-Peter Miksch, Director of kunst galerie fürth









02/02/2018 to 09/06/2018/ Pool
Friday, 02.02.2018
07:00 pm
Fredrik Lindqvist (Ingolstadt) / THE CUT

The Swedish artist Fredrik Lindqvist, in his woodcuts printed on fabric, calls associations there exactly where they are not expected. He lays the wrong track, creates open riddles.